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Nikki Brusoe

About Me

I'm a self-taught software developer driven by a passion for learning many different technologies, using them to solve interesting and challenging problems, and ultimately having a positive impact on society.

I'm always looking for opportunities to grow, as a human and towards my goal of becoming a high-quality engineer. My current focus is on mastering practical object-oriented design to create highly efficient, maintainable and scalable code.

My Work

screenshot of method in abnormelodies codebase.

abnormelodies - API

A melody generator. It's endpoint accepts parameters such as key, time signature, register range, note durations and augmentations to allow, etc., and responds with musicXML describing a melody.

A fast and creative Rails API, ready to be scaled into a publically available and useful tool.

Tech: Ruby, Rails, musicXML, PostgreSQL, Nokogiri

screenshot of app form.

abnormelodies - UI

A playground for creating unusual and sometimes hilarious melodies, using the abnormelodies API. This UI is meant to be inspiring, fun, accessible, and educational.

A React app featuring custom Material UI components, ToneJs for audio and OpenSheetMusicDisplay for visual notation of the melody.

Tech: React, Material UI, ToneJs, OpenSheetMusicDisplay, Axios, reCAPTCHA

screenshot of people pages newsfeed.

People Pages

A social platform mimicking the core user functionality of Facebook: users, profiles, posts, newsfeed, "friending", and "liking".

This project exhibits a full scale CRUD app with complex associations and database queries, and authentication.

Tech: Ruby on Rails, Turbo, Tailwind CSS, PostgreSQL, Devise

screenshot of chess in my terminal.


Command line game for two users to play against each other. Players can execute special moves like 'en passant' and 'castling', and recieve helpful tips when trying to make an illegal move. Games are savable with serialization.

This code is my finest example of object oriented programming and design, comprising 19 beautifully SOLID classes.

Tech: Ruby, YAML

screenshot of gameplay.

Where's Waldo

An interactive implementation of the classic puzzle books. Features 3 exhibits of increasing difficulty, each with 4 characters to find and a timer to beat.

This code displays the possibility of using vanilla JS to make AJAX calls to a Rails backend.

Tech: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, PostgreSQL, AJAX

screenshot of in-app overview

Shopping Cart

A demonstration of shopping cart functionality. Employing the power of React's state, props, and hooks— it dynamically and smoothly updates items in cart, total quantities and costs for items, or removal of items. It also practices strict verification on order limits.

Tech: React, CSS

screenshot of in-app overview

Do-ist Task Manager

A task management application featuring sorting functions and expanding/collapsing views of tasks.

This code is an accomplishment in using ES6 Modules with Webpack to transform unwieldy vanilla JS into a nice representation of the Single Responsibility Principle.

Tech: Javascript, Webpack, HTML, CSS, LocalStorage

screenshot of in-app overview

Memory Card Game

Test your memory abilities here by trying to click each of the 12 images once and only once. The cards are shuffled after each click, and score is kept with current score and best score per browser session.

Tech: React, CSS

screenshot of CV Application.

CV Application

A demonstration of funtionality for submitting a CV. Users can add, update, and delete experience items individually to build their CV before submitting the whole.

Tech: React, CSS

screenshot of project.

Admin Dashboard

A demonstration of full page layout using CSS grid. The layout was provided and replicated exactly. The design was closely followed with some personal touches like colors, images, font, etc.


screenshot of project.


This fully responsive portfolio surely deserves a spot here! Desktop, tablet, and mobile each have their own full design.


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Currently residing in San Diego, CA

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